Message from the President

Gunter Pauli

Innovations, we believe that a new generation of entrepreneurs can and will play a key role in changing society. The key is what will inspire this new class of doers to move forward.

Blue Innovations is focused solely on breakthroughs that will serve the common good. The MS Porrima, the experimental vessel, is a very effective tool that we operate for decades of advocacy and entrepreneurship. The shape and look of this 36-meter catamaran, which incorporates many innovations as if it were a community – and which has already circumnavigated the globe three times – have a unique appeal.

This experimental ship embodies many of our favorite technologies. However, this ship is more than a demonstration of renewable energies ranging from solar (540 square meters) to artificial intelligence kite (capturing permanent wind up to 800 meters), through hydrogen made from sea water. He is a change maker. These technologies are designed and continuously improved by a network of scientists who have been collaborating since 1994 under the zero emissions philosophy and the pragmatic approach to project implementation known as the blue economy.

Blue Innovations’ main focus is not only on technologies, but also on designing new business models that will make a difference for communities with solid returns for investors while regenerating the environment. The ship demonstrates that if you have sea water, sun and wind, then you have drinking water, energy and food. It’s powerful.

And that’s not all. New fishing techniques with air bubbles mimic whales and dolphins, allowing fish stocks to replenish by capturing only the males; isolating particles from the sea captures only the nanoparticles of plastic. This cleans the water and the bottom by correcting past mistakes. New vision and projection technologies introduce 3D recording and projection without glasses.

The school visits on the boat have changed the lives of the children who now imagine a challenging career. Les visites scolaires sur le bateau ont changé la vie des enfants qui s’imaginent désormais une carrière stimulante.

Maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto’s logo and art bridge the gap between science and art, touching people’s hearts and souls.

The possibilities are vast. However, it takes a team to make this possible. As an ambassador for the Osaka World Expo 2025 and as the only ship sailing around the world under the Swiss flag, we have strong diplomatic support from both East and West. Making Kenitra (Morocco) our shipyard base for the installation of innovations creates an unreserved welcome in the Arab cultures.

We welcome strategic cooperation and need communication support. We are eager to establish partnerships that will ensure a strong impact and even more tangible results. Blue Innovations will manage the most challenging issues facing the world through positive communications that lead to concrete action, building resilience and quality of life.