Message from the President

Gunter Pauli

Innovations, we believe that a new generation of entrepreneurs can and will play a critical role in changing society. The key is what will inspire this new class of doers to move forward.

Blue Innovations is focused solely on breakthroughs that will serve the common good. The MS Porrima, the experimental vessel, is a highly effective tool that we leverage through decades of advocacy and entrepreneurship. The shape and look of this 36-meter catamaran, which embraces many innovations as if it were a community – and has already circumnavigated the globe three times – has a unique appeal.

The MS Porrima is the first of its kind in the world.

This experimental ship embodies many of our favorite technologies. However, this ship is more than a demonstration of renewable energy ranging from solar (540 square meters) to artificial intelligence kite (capturing permanent wind up to 800 meters) to hydrogen made from sea water. It is a change maker. These technologies are designed and continuously improved by a network of scientists who have been collaborating since 1994 under the zero emissions philosophy and pragmatic approach to project implementation known as the blue economy.


A vision of the future


The Blue Odyssey

The ambition of Porrima’s Blue Odyssey is to accelerate entrepreneurship for the common good. From energy transition through artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, to a portfolio of pragmatic solutions that impact a wide variety of industries, from fisheries to plastics, we are also empowering entrepreneurs to correct the mistakes of the past, such as cleaning up the oceans with nano-plastics.
Porrima is a one-of-a-kind “living laboratory” showcasing the advances that will allow us to travel 250,000 kilometers (6 times around the world) using only renewable energy (solar or wind), hydrogen, and biofuels.
Porrima is embarking on a journey starting in October 2021 from Osaka that will leave traces of its passage everywhere. We will report on what happened during our stay and after we leave.
Blue Innovations (Switzerland) S.A. is proud that Porrima’s Blue Odyssey has the right to fly the Swiss flag and is supported by the Canton of Vaud and the Swiss Confederation.

Infinity links the past to the future. The present is only a point, only a tiny moment in life. We must give ourselves more space to create the future in the present. The octogenarian artist and philosopher M. Pistoletto creates a great space. All the initiatives we have taken are summarized in 100 symbols that represent the future, and create the contours of the MS Porrima logo: The infinity symbol links the past to the future. Voici le Troisième Paradis imaginé par le Maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto.


Inspired by nature

Antique toys

How three antique toys (a jojo, a kite and a clock) transform wind energy into a base load

Curtains of algae

How algae capture CO2, create a safe haven for juvenile fish and absorb microplastics to produce gas and fertilizer.

Underwater forecasts

How to make weather predictions with Bioceanor start-up techniques created by Charlotte Dupont by combining artificial intelligence with IoT. Submerged tools observe 15 parameters at sea instead of just observing the sky

Internet by light

How the information is transmitted by LED lights, which allows to exploit its own data instead of having all its information exploited by others.
This technology allows nothing more or less than to talk to each other in the water …

3D vision systems

How the first 3D vision systems developed by Shawn Frayne’s team at Looking Glass Factory rely on how our eyes work and how photons are activated in front of the screen. Porrima will be the first platform for producing 3D underwater images.

New energies

Using seawater, sun and wind to produce drinking water and electricity within the framework of functioning ecosystems. Porrima integrates a hydrogen energy system starting from salt water, the destruction of nano-plastics by high temperature vacuum pyrolysis, and energy generation through the use of a Skysails kite that combines three great innovations in history: the kite, the jojo and the cuckoo clock.

Fishing with air

Porrima will deliver the “proof of operations” of an innovative fishing system which, like dolphins and whales, uses a curtain of bubbles which allows a hyper selectivity of the catches. This invention inspired by nature has entered its final phase of development and prototyping. The prototype will be installed in the experimental boat in Morocco during the transformation in 2023.

Sound filtration

How to listen to all the sounds in the water, isolate the heartbeat of a fish and determine its size and location, just like sharks do. Developed by Dr. Jorge Reynolds, a great scientist and whale watcher for 50 years. It was he who organized in 2000 the live concerts in the Pacific with the songs of the whales.

An international initiative

The Porrima Boat project and the Blue Innovation structure is a Swiss initiative SUPPORTED by many countries, including Japan, the Saraya company, which works to create ecological alternatives in the world. Saraya is a key partner of the project.
The experiences and technologies that prove its operationality during its odyssey around the world will be reported live in Japan by NHK, the national radio and television channel of Japan which will broadcast in Japanese, Chinese and English.